When it comes to booking bridal beauty services, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many bridal companies to choose from. One way to make your choice a little easier is to have a bridal trial. A bridal trial will help to eliminate some of the stress and help you to choose the right person for your wedding day!


Why book a beauty expert on your wedding day?

When it comes to beauty services, why spend hard earned money to change the way we look? It’s all about the FEELS! We want to feel our best. We want to have confidence and feel beautiful, especially on one of the most important days of your life.

As beauty service professionals we know we have a big responsibility being a part of your important moments. We believe that beauty starts on the inside and that our services simply bring out your shine! We want to ensure that we are the right fit for your wedding day. This is the number one reason why we love to offer bridal trials.


 Some frequently asked questions about bridal trials

 We want to answer a few commonly asked questions that brides often ask us about trials.


What is a bridal preview or trial?

At Priceless Beauty, we use a couple of different words for trials. We may call it a trial if you have not confirmed your service yet, hence trial aka try/test it out.

Whereas a preview ( a fancy name for a trial) means you have already confirmed your service, and you are simply having a sneak peek or a preview of the wedding day look. It’s all the same thing it’s just that in one case you have booked and in the other, you have not.


Is it included in my wedding day service?

Some companies have packages which include the trial and wedding day service grouped into one price. Our trials are not mandatory but highly recommended, so they are priced separately.


Do I need a trial?

How important is the getting ready process for you on your wedding day? Well, if you are like most brides, you have carefully selected an intimate group of ladies as your bride’s tribe, and you want them and yourself to look their best, so we think its kind of a big deal.

We certainly want to make your group look beautiful, but we want you to feel comfortable, be open to sharing your likes and dislikes about the looks and overall have a fantastic morning. Finding the right company is just as much about the right energy as the beautiful makeup and hair. So we want to meet you and not only create the perfect bridal makeup and hair, but get to know one another.

And of course, the completed look! We want to ensure you are in love with it. That we have no unexpected miss-haps, like an allergic reaction, etc. (This doesn’t happen often but better safe than sorry).

We also want feedback on how the makeup lasts and how the curls hold, and maybe you decide you want to add lashes for the wedding instead or go with the airbrush foundation. All these things will be discovered in the trial, which you will be missing out on if you decide to opt out.


What if I can not have a trial?

If you are having a destination wedding or if you are an out of town client, it can be challenging to make this happen. Our suggestion, in this case, is to have a video call to discuss as many details as possible before the wedding. You can review some looks and then block additional time on the day of your wedding. This is not ideal, but girl sometimes we have to do what we have to do!


What should I expect?

You should expect a professional and clean environment, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, maybe a few selfies on our flower wall and a lot of fun! We will consult and review inspirations for your look, try different variations and take notes of every detail so it can all be recreated on your big day!


How long before the wedding should I do a trial?

We suggest 3- 6 months, but we are booked up pretty far in advance so confirming your booking may be a good idea before the trial if you would like to try to coordinate it with one of your wedding-related events.


How long are trials?

Expect we be here about 1.5-2 hours per service. We like to get to know each other and take our time. Every detail is essential, and we want to make sure you are in love with your look.


What should wear to the trial?

White or neutrals are best for seeing the final look. Anything that closely resembles what you will be wearing on your actual wedding day.


How should I be prepared for it?

Come with happy vibes, beauty inspiration, clean, hydrated skin, day-old washed hair and blown dry hair, with little to no conditioner.

We want to ensure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch and you look and feel beautiful.  A trial is designed to help make this happen for you. If you have any additional question or would like to speak with a Beauty Coordinator, please contact us!


“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.