Celebrating Women & True Beauty At HERself Event

What does it truly mean to be beautiful? We believe all women are stunning no matter their age, shape or size.

That’s why Priceless Beauty recently teamed up with two other boss babes, all beautiful in our own ways, to share our professional insight and inspiration.

HERself was a night to honor women and show them how beautiful they truly are. In case you missed the event, here’s a quick recap.

The first beautiful boss babe to present was Erin Melinda, Owner of Erin Melinda Hair Salon.

Erin believes women need to:

  • OWN IT – Accept who you are
  • ELEVATE IT – Take it to the next level
  • AND CELEBRATE IT – Enjoy every part of the new you

She showed us practical ways, using different examples of people’s unique hair colour, cut and texture as well as encouragement on using the right products and accessories to get a hairstyle that makes you feel good inside and out!

Next up was the beautiful Amanda Coles, Owner of Styled Silhouettes.

Amanda provided guests with her proven formula of how to create the perfect outfit as well as the “secret” to successful shopping! She used examples of colourful and trendy articles of clothing in her clothing rack.

Amanda helps women unleash their true selves by creating a style that wows. She transforms closets into flattering wardrobes, pieces of clothing into striking outfits & shopping into a fun experience.

Amanda started Styled Silhouettes in 2009 with a vision of helping women see the beauty within themselves. She’s passionate about positive body image, self-confidence & living your most authentic self. EVERYONE deserves the right to feel beautiful.

Her message of the evening was how important it is to take the time to look our best. With her motto- when you look good, you feel good, and in turn you do better, use clothing as a tool to level up in your life.

She said, “There are many things you can’t control in this life, but we can control what we choose to put on our bodies, so choose clothing that makes you feel like you can take over the world.”

And of course, I presented to the lovely women at the event!

As an Award-Winning Makeup Artist at Priceless Beauty, I shared helpful tips and tricks to create the perfect five-minute face.

I also helped shed light on the best product to enhance anyone’s makeup regimen. Using a model, I used a variety of products to showcase how to apply your makeup for a unique and beautiful you!

I believe, “When your heart tells you are you beautiful, but your head doesn’t. You decide to change your mind! You are a priceless beauty!”


Here ARE 10 Priceless Beauty Affirmations – Start saying them daily to reprogram your self-image! 


  1. I am beautiful – Say this to yourself every time you stand in front of a mirror
  2. Self-confidence and kindness is part of what makes me so beautiful and attractive
  3. I love myself, my body and my life.
  4. I always see the bright side of things and that brightness shows on my face.
  5. I let go of all reasons and excuses for not looking and feeling beautiful.
  6. The colour of my skin is beautiful
  7. I am as beautiful as I am, and I accept myself completely
  8. I am a beautiful, confident and a successful woman
  9. It’s okay to accept compliments
  10. Being beautiful is easy – I think beautiful thoughts, and it shows.


Below are some more wonderful pictures from the event – photography credits go to: 

Photography By Rowen