Common Misconceptions About Spray Tanning

If you have never considered spray tanning before it might be because you have heard things that simply aren’t true! Things like; spray tanning will turn me orange AND spray tanning is only for blonde hair blue eyed models. Or you may have thought; I already have dark skin why would I need a spray tan?

These are just a few of the reasons why some people haven’t tried spray tanning. The truth is there are benefits for all shapes, sizes, genders, and complexions. It’s a matter of finding a professional tanning technician who understands each person’s individual needs and creating the right experience for them. Below are some of the benefits of spray tanning for all complexions.


FAIR SKIN GINGER WITH FRECKLES = Get that brightened complexion and glow

Using a tanning solution with a low DHA level and a cooler undertone will give people who probably have never been able to experience a tan before ( without turning into a freckled lobster) an amazing glow. It almost won’t look like a tan. That is until you lift the bikini bottoms.  You will get the, “ What’s different about you, you are glowing” comment at the office.


LIGHT TO MEDIUM SKIN TONE = Most common tanned skin tone

This skin tone has options. Anywhere from a hint of colour to a deep rich I just got back from Jamaica tan. It is a matter of personal preference. Great for special events, photo shoots and a pre-vacation kiss of colour.


MEDIUM DARK TO DEEP SKIN TONE = Lets even you out and enhance your rich golden skin tones

Our clients tend to get forced to come to us through fitness events and photoshoots saying my trainer made me do it. But they are usually the most shocked because the results are amazing.

Imagine even glowing skin which lasts for about a week. Picture how your skin would look if you went to a tropical island with no tan lines and freshly applied lotion. YEPP!!! Got a visual? Glowing skin that is even and hydrated! All the good stuff.

Benefits beyond a beautiful glowing tan

It’s not just a wonderful glow that you will get from spray tanning. There are other great benefits which apply to everyone. These include:

  1. A natural pick me up, I am not sure of the psychology of it, but it works! If you are feeling the winter blues, a spray tan instantly gives you a boost.
  2. Would you like to look more lean and sculpted? A spray tan creates the appearance of slimmer physic and adds definition to the body in all the right places.
  3. It evens out the skin tone by reducing dark circles under your eyes, hides blemishes, scars, stretch marks, varicose veins and anything else you wouldn’t mind hiding 😉
  4. Whitens teeth, okay well it doesn’t actually whiten your teeth, but because of the contrast of tones, you will notice your eyes and teeth appear brighter!


Be sure to follow the rules

When getting a spray tan, make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the tanning company and that you start with a custom hand applied spray tan. Following the instructions will guarantee the best results, the correct colour and application minimizing any risk of unnatural looking tans.


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For your next special event, photoshoot, vacation or just because, try an organic spray tan. It’s a  healthy and fun way to get your glow on!


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