Destination Wedding Makeup

Priceless Beauty’s Guide to Destination Wedding Makeup

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Whether going your own way, hiring a resort artist or flying your go-to artist to your wedding destination Priceless Beauty has some tips to consider before the big day.
1. Doing your own make-up:                                                  

There are some crucial points to ponder if you plan to take on this challenge solo.

Climate: Is your make-up humidity proof? Sweat/tear proof? Will it match your tan?

Price: Are you ready to purchase all the makeup items you will need just to wear them all once? You probably won’t be strutting your wedding day look around at Walmart when you get back home and a makeup artists full palette can cost in the tens of thousands all considered.
If you do want to buy all the products needed:
You hit up the MAC beauty counter and bought up all the products gleefully. Now what? There’s the little matter of knowing what to do with all that beauty booty.


You’ll probably need lessons.  Many makeup artists offer this service so shop around and get some prices. Wedding makeup is a whole other world. There’s blending, contouring, layering, colour harmonies and those tricky fake lashes that sometimes require a surgeons hand to get into place. (Beauty horror side note: picture lashes blowing off in the wind as the bride reaches the altar). Lessons will be well worth it to look your very best on your special day.

TSA: Schlepping all that makeup in your bag is risky; things could get smashed and broken. Pack them carefully. Make sure you know exactly what restrictions are in place before you fly.

The bridal party:  Harmonizing looks is hard to do without a sort of neutral party like a makeup artist. We all have that friend that hasn’t picked up a magazine in ages, or a frosted lipstick wearing mum in-law.If you still want to lay out the cash on the makeup: take a beat to get a quote from a professional makeup artist just to compare. Otherwise you could find yourself spending a lot of money to do all the work yourself. You want to stun your friends and fam so be well prepared, take lessons, read up and be sure.

2. Hiring a resort artist: 


There are so many talented makeup artists working at resorts but are they working at your resort? Do you have time for a makeup trial and will their style and philosophy match your own?

Communication: Do they speak your language? Are you comfortable telling them what you truly want? And of course, telling them how you think it looks as they work? Don’t hire anyone you aren’t comfortable with.  Are you able to choose your makeup artist or does the resort only have one on staff? Are you able to meet before the wedding? Take a few interview questions and photos with you to any trials.

Style: Do they understand your culture and how it impacts your wedding look? What about your own personal style? Your skin tone/type? Do they care about your overall wedding vision?

Kit:  If you can secure yourself a trial, or at the least a meet and greet with your artist, take a peek at their makeup kit. Look for quality products and check out what brands they use.

Previous work: It’s always a good idea to research the people you plan to hire on your big day. A make-up artist is no exception. Check their Facebook page and website for snaps of their previous work. Most make-up artists have portfolios. Experienced artists might even have testimonials. Why not check online for any feedback?

Sanitation: The herpes simplex 1 virus (cold sores) can live on lipstick and lip gloss for a while. Same for bacterial conjunctivitis (pink eye). That is absolutely the last thing you need to come home with. So take a mental note of the make-up artist’s sanitary practices when you meet. The question you want to make sure you ask – do they get inspected by the Ministry of Health?

3. Bringing your tried and true make-up artist with you.

You put so much time and effort (and monies – let’s be real) into looking
your best with the gorgeous dress, the beautiful manicure and now, the make-up. You found a professional that brings to life your make-up vision. The exact look you want to show off as you walk down the aisle so why not fly your amazing make-up artist to your wedding?
You are putting yourself first right? You are investing in yourself! … and how much is all that investing going to cost exactly?

Price: There will be fees associated with bringing your own make-up artist. Consider coordinating the travel costs through your travel agency if booking as a group. Travel agencies or destination event planners may offer a certain number of complimentary travel guests depending on the number of guests you have. See if the make-up artist might be willing to negotiate their prices. Hey, working in a tropical locale for a few days might entice a bit of a price drop.
Put it in writing: As with all vendors you hire – get a contract. Work out all the details and get them in writing.

Experience: Your make-up artist should know about any travel restrictions on products and product sizes. Besides, now she (or he) can bring the make-up, saving you precious space in your suitcase. Ask all the same questions you would ask a resort make-up artist. Do they understand the climate? The humidity levels? Are they willing to stick around on the day for touch ups?

Get a trial for you and your bridesmaids. Why not? You have the time to schedule it when you hire local to you. Getting the perfect look is crucial and you have that luxury with this option. Besides, you already know you will love it before you get on the plane, that’s one less thing to worry about and it may be worth the extra money spent.

Resort fee: If your make-up artist isn’t staying in the same resort as you then there may be a fee for allowing access for the day. Call ahead to find out.
Compare prices with the resort artist to be sure this is the right option. The difference in price might be less than you think. Don’t be alarmed if there is a difference, though. You are getting the look you want with the luxury of not having to worry about applying it yourself (or transporting it through the airport). More importantly, you know you will love it. These are the things that make your wedding special and memorable for you and your bridal party.

Enjoy your destination wedding!