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Ladies' Night Out Workshop

The perfect theme for a birthday or bachelorette party. Be part of an interactive makeup and hair lesson while getting ready for a night out on the town. A team of beauty experts will guide your party through the steps and techniques required to get the professional makeup look for your special occasion!

(three person minimum)

Ladies' Night In Workshop

Does your makeup regime feel mundane? Have your friends had the same look for 10 years? It’s time for a change. In a three-hour session, let beauty experts revamp your makeup look. We have many industry tricks to share that will update and revitalize everyone’s look quickly and easily.

(three person minimum)

Private Makeup Lessons

Designed for those who are just learning to use makeup and those who need to update their skills and look. We will cover your current makeup regime. During our three-hour session, we will review your makeup bag and determine if those products are right for you. This session includes:

  • A personal consultation
  • Day and evening application or choice of looks to cover
  • Hands-on demonstration and personal makeup critique
  • Makeup – Personal Makeup Lesson Guide Book
  • Face chart of complete look
  • Product recommendations


Makeup Trends

In two three-hour sessions, these workshops are for individuals passionate about makeup who want to perfect their skills while staying up-to-date with trends on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • Learn about the steps, techniques, product options, and tools required to create similar looks and styles with more confidence and precision.
  • The student should come to her first session wearing her favourite makeup and bring her makeup bag.
  • We will chat about the elements she loves about her makeup, the elements she finds difficult to attain, and the challenge areas she wants to address.
  • She should also bring an image of a favourite makeup look she wants to create. This will be our focus.
  • Each step of a professional makeup application is covered. We will do before and after photos to show her progress.
  • The entire look will be documented on a face-chart for future reference. She will leave feeling refreshed in terms of her makeup regime and educated about what she is applying and how to do it most effectively for her age, skin tone, face and eye shape.
  • Priceless Beauty extends our professional discount on top beauty brands!
Artist Training

This course introduces an in-depth understanding of the theory and practical elements of becoming a makeup artist. Learning techniques include instructor demonstrations, hands-on practical applications, student study and research, handouts, and online resources.

Major topics include the history of cosmetics, characteristics of the face, colour theory, business development, beauty insider information, and networking. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of their 20 hours. An optional, yet recommended, upgrade is a photography session after course completion.

MUA Essentials (20 hours)

Bridal Artist Training

Intended for makeup artists, professional bridal makeup lessons are designed to build confidence, update skills, and increase makeup application speed and accuracy when working with bridal clients. Artists will review basic cosmetic theories and hygiene processes. Bridal looks will be reviewed and demonstrated. Business-related components include self-promotion, advertising options, pricing, contracts, client forms/charts, and bookings. Artists will have a greater understanding of the bridal market and the skills required to offer bridal makeup services. Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of their 15 hours. An optional yet recommended upgrade is a photography session after course completion.

Bridal Makeup Artistry (15 hours)

Please note: Intended for personal updating and enhancement of skills for certified artists.

Studio or travel fee may be applicable based on group size or on-location request.

All instructional services are completely customizable. Here are our most popular ones.
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