Going On A Beach Vacation? – Make Sure You Are Beautifying In The Right Order

When going on a vacation, we want to look our best without having to worry about the upkeep, but when there are so many options and so many services available, how do you know WHICH services to do and WHEN to do them? Following a few of our FAVOURITE low maintenance beauty services, in the ORDER shown below will ensure each service will compliment one another, so they last for the ENTIRE trip! Check out our tried and tested ways to ensure you bring out your vacay best!

  1. Hair extensions

    Long hair don’t care! Let’s face it; long hair is an instant confidence boost. Rock those beachy waves. We won’t tell anyone it’s not natural. If you are going for extensions, getting hair done first is always the best thing to do. It allows you to go back for touch ups and also gives your hair time to look more natural.

  Hair extensions

  1. Nails

    Complete your beach attire with the right nails! They usually last for two weeks but getting them done second will give you time to do all the other things on your list as well as do any touch ups if you happen to smudge or chip them by accident.


  1. Waxing

    Get rid of all that unwanted body hair, #byefelicia. Waxing usually lasts for three to six weeks, but the skin needs to heal fully before spray tanning, so this is number three on our vacay list.

  1. Eyelash Extensions

    For the, I woke up like this look, you want eyelash extensions, all the way! The last thing you want, however, is for your eyelashes to fall off. Allow 24 hours before you get them wet and you will be good to go.


  1. Spray tanning

    Finally, don’t get caught as the fairest of them all on your first day on the beach. Start your vacay strong with a natural organic spray tan! It’s the perfect way to get a little pre-bronzed look healthily. This is last thing to get done on your list because a tan can fade quicker with chlorine and salt water. As your spray tan fades, your real tan will start developing.

People always ask us who our favourite local beauty providers are. Here is a list of our go-to ladies!   HAIR EXTENSIONS Loves in The Hair @lovesinthehaircom   NAILS Nicole Rose Artistry @nicoleroseartistry   EYELASH EXTENSIONS The Lashing Room @thelashingroom   WAXING Studio C2 Beauty Atelier @studioc2beautyatelier   SPRAY TANNING Priceless Beauty @pricelessbeautygram   Here’s our Vacation Checklist that you can print out and use before leaving on your vacay. Just click the link for a printer friendly version of the picture below. Also, be sure to visit us for your spray tan on the last day before you leave. We would love to give you that amazing sun-kissed glow!