Makeup for Mature Skin

When it comes to gravity not working in our favour, we can become disheartened as our youthful appearance slowly starts to fade. I think it’s a fair trade for the growth and wisdom we acquire as the years pass by, but we aren’t opposed to wanting to feel our best, especially for life’s milestones. Here are some tips on how to renew and apply makeup to mature skin.

Hydrate the skin

Before we can talk about the makeup we have to talk about hydration. As you age, your skin loses its natural moisture. Drinking lots of water is always a great way to hydrate the skin, but investing in great skincare is essential too. We suggest:

  • Using a serum to help your daily moisturizer penetrate deeper and do its job better.
  • Using a daily moisturizer with a 30 SPF in it.
  • Using an evening night cream which is much richer and;
  • Using a skin smoothing primer before applying makeup.


Even out the skin tone

It can be challenging to know which foundation to choose. It depends on your skin concerns and what your desired outcome is. Get to know your skin and select the product that makes you look and feel your best. Here are some options:

Light coverage foundation

A BB cream or CC cream should do the job. BB cream is a light foundation with added benefits – such as serum built in. CC creams combine a light foundation with a hint of colour correction.

Tinted moisturizer

Or you can use a tinted moisturizer – with foundation and moisturizer together. I think these foundation alternatives are lovely and light looking and feeling (AKA they don’t look or feel cakey as some different coverage products can), but they are kind of like shampoo and conditioner combos. They offer an excellent gentle coverage, but in terms of skin care, it doesn’t beat the real deal. So invest in some decent skincare and prep accordingly. I suggest using these in conjunction with the hydrating tips listed above.

A note on colour selection

I like to add a little warmth to my client’s skin. As we age our skin can appear a little sallow. Don’t be afraid to bring a little life back to the skin by selecting a light coverage that is just a smidge deeper than your natural skin tone. Apply sparingly and blend well. I like to use a wet sponge or fibre brush for a soft and blended application.

When you are done with foundation remember to set

Use a light coverage powder to set your foundation. I like to use mineral powders to do this. It looks natural but sets the makeup, so it stays put all day.


Define the brows

Depending on when you were born you most likely followed the brow trend at that time. If the thin pencil brow was on trend, your brows might have never recovered from that phase. If that is the case, a thin retractable pencil should do the job. The brows are the frame of your face, let’s see them! Follow your shape; just fill the gaps and add a bit of body if you need to beef them up a bit. Light hair strokes are the key to a natural but defined looking brow.



Bring out the eyes

Start with an eye primer close to but a little lighter than your skin tone. Cover the whole lid. Trace over the lids with a light neutral colour. Matte works best to not emphasize texture on the lids. Pop a medium tone into the crease to bring back some shape and definition on the lids – blend, blend, blend. We don’t want to see any harsh lines. Use a deeper shadow around the lash line to create a soft smokey look without going too dark; a thin angle brush will do the trick. Add a couple of coats of mascara and your good to go.



Add a pop of colour to the lips

Select your favourite lip colour (avoid glossy products) and fill the whole lip with a liner, and then apply your lipstick. This will help the lip products from feathering outside the natural lip-line.




Warm up the cheeks AND define those cheekbones

Choose a blush which is of the same colour family as your lip product (but lighter) and apply in a circular motion on the cheeks and blend into the hairline to define the bone structure. If you are feeling like adding a little extra colour select a matte bronzer and frame the exterior of the face to create structure and warmth on the skin.




All of this might seem a bit overwhelming at first but take it one step at a time and practice when you aren’t in a rush, so you get in the groove of things. If you feel like you are interested in learning more specifics about your skin you can always connect with us.  We would be happy to teach you these techniques and make product recommendations based on your needs and desired outcome.

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