Spray Tanning In The Winter

If anything, spray tanning in the winter is even more amazing than in the summer! We may not be showing off as much, but it still feels good to have beautiful glowing skin.

Plus, with a plethora of holiday parties, winter weddings and galas to attend, you still want to look your best. Or maybe you want to get a spray tan as a little present from you to you. Sometimes a gorgeous glow is just the pick me up you need.

Whatever reason brings you to our tanning studio, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to prepare your skin. Tanning in cold and dry climates is a little different than in warm and humid ones because spray tans and dry skin don’t get along well. Below are some tips that the international trainers and I from SPRAY TAN CLASS put together so your tan will not only look better and last longer, but your skin will thank you!



A trusted and dependable method for curbing dry skin. Drinking plenty of water hydrates you from the inside out. Hydrating will keep the tan lasting longer and prevent uneven fading. If you are dehydrated, the skin and your tan can look flaky and even like it’s cracking. H20 for the win!



Every morning and night, moisturize your skin. Moisturizing twice a day is the key! Find a more hydrating cream for the evening and make sure it’s not Dove or an oil-based formula.

Choose creams over lotions and look for ingredients such as ceramides, urea, and hyaluronic acid – which are all naturally occurring components of healthy supple skin. These will help prevent and heal dryness, cracking, and rough skin. Remember to show some extra love to any area of your body that is extra dry.



We do recommend that you exfoliate, but over-exfoliation is a thing. Don’t use abrasive products or be too aggressive when you exfoliate your skin. This can cause the surface of the skin to be irritated and even not take the tan since there is nothing for the tan to grab hold of.



I know we all love a good long hot shower but reserve them for those days when you aren’t planning on getting a spray tan. Keep your showers short and lukewarm. Doing this will also preserve the tan quality and duration after you get your spray tan.



Using a gradual tanner along with your moisturizer. Not only is this going to allow your tan to last days or even weeks longer. It will enable the transition to be a lot more natural-looking. Mix your gradual tanner into my moisturizer for subtle hydrating results when you start to notice your spray tan fading. Usually between 3-5 days after your first shower.


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spray tanning in the winter

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