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The Top International Spray Tan Training

Beginner’s Certification Training

This novice course dives into the true sunless fundamentals so you can feel knowledgeable and confident to open your own sunless business— doing work you wake up excited about, making money you’ve only dreamed of, and having a flexible lifestyle you may have never thought possible. Perfect for newbie artists who are interested in learning to perfect their spray tan artistry.

You’ll leave knowledgeable, refreshed, confident, and raring to go on opening your biz.

We’ve helped thousands of women around the world go (way) beyond ‘picking up a gun and spraying’ and into becoming hotshot artists and savvy as hell business owners. Completing spray tan courses, spray tan certifications, and learning how to spray tan professionally, can be daunting but with a squad of glow girls by your side, no need to fret!

We will teach the exact steps you need to know in order to become a confident, successful spray tanning queen. From proper technique to education on the best brands of solution, business marketing + operations and a sprinkle of insight on how we’ve grown into a multi-six figure spray tanning business, you will have all the knowledge you will need to get started. You are learning from the women who have DONE it.

When you choose to work with us, we are invested in your education, growth + understanding of what it truly takes to get (+ stay!) in the business.


We’re a renowned spray tan training program led by the one of the most respected + prestigious educators in the industry….which means we churn out the most equipped, empowered, and downright READY sunless business owners who go on to build themselves a profitable + fulfilled business and life (hint: that could be you).

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